Geological Survey of Slovenia


Geological Survey of Slovenia

Ljubljana (SI)

Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) is a public research institute established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1998 with its origins in the Geological Survey of Republic of Slovenia that was founded in 1946. GeoZS is divided into 4 departments – Regional geology; Mineral resources and environmental geochemistry; Underground waters- Hydrogeology; and Geological information Systems.

GeoZS employs 87 scientists, researchers, technicians and administration, among them 64% with higher education. As the leading geological institution in Slovenia it performs fundamental and applicative research, and provides a public service through scientific research programs. Highly qualified staff contributes to production of geological maps, assessment of natural and anthropogenic geological hazards to living environments, expertise in fields of groundwater, mineral resources, geothermal energy resources and natural geological heritage. GeoZS collects and stores geological data within a modern geological information system, but mostly in more than 30.000 expert reports and research projects stored in its archive.

GeoZS is cooperating with a whole range of stakeholders with an interest in raw material supply sector, starting from education / communication to all other areas: general public, industry, local community, individuals, research community, NGO’s, individuals affected by mineral supply, etc. GeoZS is tightly involved in national and international research and professional communities in Europe and worldwide, where to it contributes to development of geo-sciences.



Contact person

Mateja Jemec Auflič

Geological Survey of Slovenia
Dimičeva ulica 14
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386-1-2809-815

Fax: +386-1-2809-753


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