During the project, RECALL partners are producing a set of documents and tools that are publicly available. These documents can contribute to increase and spread knowledge about landslide risk and available prevention solutions at local, national and European level. They can also be used to transfer the experience and solutions developed by RECALL to other areas and actors.


Start Date

End Date

Key Public Outputs

Detailed analysis on site 30/05/2015 29/02/2016

– State of the art reports: Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia

On site visits reports: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece

– Recommendation documents: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece

Cooperative Teams establishment 01/06/2015 28/02/2017

– 4 selected groups

– Training guidelines

Landslide Terminology overview

Cooperative Teams in action 01/02/2016 15/03/2017

– Monitoring activities and reinforcement interventions in each pilot area

– Analysis reports: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece

RECALL-tools development 01/10/2015 15/04/2017

– e-Prevention Tool guidelines

– e-Budget tool guidelines

– Yearly strategic investment plans for landslide risk prevention: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece

Publicity and dissemination of the results 04/05/2015 28/04/2017

Project Communication Plan

– Project official leaflet: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, GreeceHungary

– Project public newsletter: 1st issue, 2nd issue

The newsletter is also available in ITA, SLO, HR, GR, HU language

– RECALL Layman’s Report

In addition, GeoZS prepared an extensive glossary of the most relevant terms about landslide and related issues.

Go to the Glossary page.

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